Payment Rules

Payment restrictions (Question – Answer)


- Why are payment restrictions necessary?

- These measures have been introduced due to an increase in fraudulent activities of users and money laundering through our system.

Example 1: Our system was used as an exchange point by way of depositing funds through one payment system and immediately transferring them to another one by users.

Example 2: Users deposited stolen funds and transferred them to another payment system for the purpose of money laundering.

Example 3: A user signed up with hundreds of fake profiles in social media in order to get a bonus, then s/he made bets and requested payment.

Thus, a user interfered with the normal course of gaming and overloaded the project.


- How does it work?

- You must Deposit a minimum of 100 uBTC to your balance

- You can pay off no more than the total amount you have won for the entire period of your participation in the project. Let’s take a closer look at this:

You paid in, made a bet of 10 coins and won 50 coins – an amount equal to 50 coins can be paid off.

You paid in, made a bet of 10 coins and won 50 coins, then you made a bet of 10 coins and won 20 coins – an amount equal to 50+20 = 70 coins can be paid off.

In other words, the total amount you have won is the amount you can pay off.

- Payouts and money transfers to another user are made only after the balance is topped up in the amount of 5 coins


- Are these measures temporary, or will it always be like that?

- These measures are introduced on an ongoing basis, and it will always be like that! This message will disappear soon, after you win your first amounts, and the system will stop suspecting you of fraud or money laundering :)


IMPORTANT: These rules also apply to money transfers between users.

Thank you for understanding. Your trust is very important to us!